“Big Boom” for Ukrainian business

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State Bank Ukrgasbank has already proven itself in the Ukrainian market as the leading eco bank that cares about the environment by financing projects on energy efficiency and energy saving.

However, since recently it began to impress with new achievements in dealing with small and medium businesses. Despite the fact, that it is a relatively new sphere for the bank activity, it has already achieved good results and became a serious competitor even for representatives of world financial groups that are presented on the Ukrainian market. During the last year the amount of lending received by representatives of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) at Ukrgasbank, has more than doubled — up to 5 billion UAH, or 160 million EUR. This is a serious achievement, as for a beginner. Ukrgasbank continues to strengthen its support for Ukrainian businesses by offering new loyalty programs. ECO-BOOM program is one of the newest and perhaps the most interesting for entrepreneurs.

The new initiative has been developed specifically for representatives of Ukrainian SMEs, who want not only to earn, but also save significantly. Bankers will help entrepreneurs to understand the needs of their business and develop an individual development plan. ECO-BOOM is the future of the Ukrainian business, allowing entrepreneurs to have an easy access to modern banking products and services, as well as unique programs and financial decisions that can bring the business to a qualitatively new level. The program provides various sets of financial instruments for different business areas. Entrepreneurs and small companies, businessmen engaged in renewable energy, farmers, commodity producers or trade enterprises will be able to find modern programs, suitable for their activity. 

Bankers are convinced that the lack of communication and knowledge is the biggest problem for SMEs in Ukraine today. Potential clients are in high need of funding, but often simply not aware of the opportunities existing on the market. For example, 90% of SMEs in the agricultural sector do not understand that it is possible and necessary to build effective and transparent relations with the bank. Likewise, entrepreneurs are often not aware of numerous interesting products and international programs, which can finance equipment modernization, making production more sustainable. These processes require the help from specialists, and the ECO-BOOM program is designed specifically for this purpose. Often, businesses think not only of increased output and the seizure of new markets but of the need to make production more efficient and less costly. ECO-BOOM offers programs that can benefit from economies of scale. The bank has a staff of experts that can analyze the entire production process of the client. If the company wants to improve its efficiency through modernization, the bankers would make recommendations on how to do it better, as well as recommend partners who have successful experience in implementing such projects. For example, sometimes specialists recommend a more comprehensive energy modernization, increasing the cost of the corresponding program of modernization, resulting in a faster payback performed by the project. As a result, clients are satisfied — they experience significant savings, which enables them to serve loans and increase their profits.

Apart from that, the bank also has “warm” loans for associations of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings, which Ukrgasbank provides the most on the Ukrainian market. Nowadays, energy-saving technologies in Ukraine are in demand and banks actively help such projects to be implemented. Municipal housing and utility systems are the places where the most economic effect from the energy saving is implemented. On average, the efficiency of the plant increases by 10-30%, and costs are reduced by 20-50%. The payback of such projects is approximately from six months to two years.